Outside Stages


TAFEP is proud to be able to make Portuguese music and tradition known, not only in our country, but also around the world. Our tours have already taken us to several European countries, passing through cities like Barcelona, ​​Salamanca, Madrid, Santiago de Compostela, Osnabrück, Amsterdam, Pavia, Milan, Turin, Bern, Geneva, Paris, Sarlat and Bordeaux (where we were in representation of the Porto City Council), Nijmegen or Brussels, and to the other side of the Atlantic, Canada and the Portuguese Communities in Philadelphia, New Rochelle, New York, Newark and Hartford. Within our Portugal, we are honored to have already traveled the streets and parties from Bragança to Faro, along the coast and inland. Despite the traditional Summer Tour, held annually, it is possible that they will be traveling around Easter or every two years, in May at FIMU (International University Music Festival). Since our foundation, we have traveled frequently to Belfort, France, the site of this festival, which brings together approximately 2500 university musicians from all over the world. Since the places we visit are varied and different, there are aspects that never change from tour to tour: the affection, enthusiasm and the good disposition with which we are received. Anywhere, inside or outside the country, city or village, on the street, in a cafe or on a stage, we share our music and have fun with those around us. And in this process of getting to know the world, we ended up making ourselves known as well, creating bonds of friendship in every corner outside and bringing accumulated and memories in the suitcase that make us want to return there.


TAFEP´s universe includes not only the stages, the streets and the tours. Since we are also connected with the community who saw us born and from where we are also from, we assume an active role to try to give it a different dynamic.

Full of an economic spirit, we have a regular presence on more playful-activities. Our Bar assumes an obligatory place to be as well as a place of encounter not only in the economics parties but also in Queima das Fitas do Porto week.



In 1996, it was founded the TAFEP SMMM, a team that was a consequence of the many football games played by the members of TAFEP. The presence in the FEP LEAGUE was motivated by the idea of defending the name of TAFEP in this traditional championship held in FEP. Even though we have never passed from the groups faze, SMMM’s great academic spirit allowed to create a second team from TAFEP. Thus, in the following year, TAFEP SAD was already participating in this championship.

TAFEP’s presence in these competitions is based on the friendship, the love for sports, the respect, the effort and mainly the love from every member to TAFEP and to FEP. In every game, even before entering the field, there is already a felling of victory, since we participate mainly for the pleasure of  playing with our friends. Besides that, the fair-play, the no stress and the full dedication to honor and respect TAFEP’s shirt are also reasons for us to participate.

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