Who are we

December 14th, 1992, it was born a whole new project in FEP, which had in mind suppressing a huge lack in the academic’s life.

On April 22nd, 1993, TAFEP gave its first performance. In the summer of 1995, TAFEP recorded its first CD, whose name was “Passos Perdidos”, which saved for all eternity the biggest themes that had been played by TAFEP since its birth.

Later on, “P’ra nunca esquecer” and “Retratos” were the others CD´s that TAFEP recorded. Finally, in 2009, it was released TAFEP’s first DVD.
TAFEP’s history is more than a simple chronology of events; it is, mainly, a connection between the affections, which are built between people, places and also things. More important than the many prizes achieved, are the bonds created between all TAFEP’s members, and also between everybody with whom TAFEP has met, which are priceless. Throughout this year, all TAFEP’s members built a single and unique spirit, only achieved while being in TAFEP, and all of them have, in their hearts, all the unforgettable moments in which they have participated and helped them to grow up.

Nowadays, TAFEP has more than 20 years. Its 20th anniversary was celebrated in March, 2010, with a fantastic and memorable show in Coliseu do Porto, where more than 100 members of TAFEP have participated.

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