TAFEP is proud of the opportunity to allow every people, not only the Portuguese people but also people from all around the world, to know the Portuguese music and traditions.

Our tours have already taken us multiple countries, from Barcelona, Salamanca, Santiago de Compostable, Osnabruck, Amsterdam, Pavia, Milan, Berne, Genera, Paris, Scarlet e Borders ( where we were representing Oporto city Hall), Nijmegen and Brussels to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, like Canada and the Portuguese Community in Philadelphia, New Rochelle, Nova Torque, Newark e Hartford. In Portugal, we have the honor of having passing by many places and popular parties from Braganza (North of Portugal) to Faro (South of Portugal), from the interior to the coastline.

Besides our traditional Annual Summer Tour, it is possible to encounter us during the Eastern Time or in May (every two years) on the FIMU Festival. Since our foundation, we have gone to Belfort, France, a place where, every year, around 2500 musicians from all around the world gather.

Since we have been in so many different places, there are some aspects that never change throughout every Tour: the care, the enthusiasm and the good humor from the people that welcome us. In any place, inside or outside Portugal, from the biggest city to the smallest town, in a café or in the street, we share our songs and we have fun with everyone around us. Furthermore, in this trip of knowing our world, we have the chance of knowing ourselves even better, building strong friendship bonds with any people from any place and carrying in our bag countless stories and memories that make us want to return to those places.

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