Magisters Words

I Magister Tunae - Tó Jó

1st Tour to Belfort
Building a cohesive group 
Eurico, that spiritual leader

1st Tour to Belfort… 

After six months full of history and unbelievable stories, that could not be written not even in 5000 lines, the first trip would finally become a reality: we were going to be not only just a Tuna from FEP, a Tuna from Oporto; we would become the Tuna of Portugal, which, with great proud, arrived, saw and won in Belfort, France. It was possible to amaze everybody with our joy, irreverence and musicality. (…). I remember our first song which lasted 10 times more than the three minutes from the non-stop rehearsals on the bus, from the room-bus, from the toilet-bus, from the kitchen-bus,… from the 22, from the Slovenians, from the Portuguese emigrants, from the champion FCP (we knew when we were in Belfort), from the French landscapes, from the Biarritz nights, San Sebastian, Saint Etienne and from the heroic return to FEP at the start of Semana de Economia.

Building a cohesive group…

It was necessary tons of cement, mortar, steel and a lot of patience! TAFEP was born from a group of Bohemians from FEP with a lot of academic spirit and love to life and to music. After the embryo that was the Serenatas de Economia Group in 1992, from which I took part of, after the foundation on the 14th of December 1992, the first performance on February 1993 in ArsNova and the first trip to Belfort on June 1993, the development context from Tunas helped the adhesion from freshmen, semi-putos and putos to TAFEP. The group grew and the commitment was very high (…), despite the many heterogenic sub groups that were necessary to join into a same ideal. The development of our repertoires, with new songs and our first original “A Luz do Teu Olhar” (music: Tó Jó; Lyrics: Mero), the Reception of the Freshmen 93/94 and a highly number of festivals and diverse performances, were the main ingredients to mix many “Tunos” with great differents, characteristics and interests between each others, into a TUNA with all of what that means. Maybe I helped, but only to make everybody to shut up.

Eurico, that spiritual leader…

TAFEP’s foundation is full of unique moments, and worthy of one of these days someone decides to make a film about it. One of those moments is, without doubt, Eurico’s path in TAFEP. Eurico is that Tuno who would never go to rehearsals, to the dinners, who always had to do something in serenade´s nights and, during performances, some last minute compromise prevented him from performing.

However, since the very first beginning, Eurico was always with us, always with his moral support and positive spirit, becoming one of the main stimulus for TAFEP’s development and for the awareness that he engendered to us. I remember Eurico in those euphoric and difficult moments, in the many brilliant and in the very few less good performances. We can say that Eurico was our D. Quixote, our D. Sebastião, our number one fan. I feel sad that so many Tunos did not have the opportunity to know this mythical element, but I hope that he gets the time to show up, possibly on TAFEP’s Golden Anniversary…

II Magister Tunae - Luís

1st CD “Passos Perdidos”
Assured continuity of the group
1st Prize 
Recognition from FEP

Without any doubts that the recording of TAFEP’s first CD (whose goal was to put an end to a mark of TAFEP’s history – its birth- and giving the bases for a new and more mature phase, not only musically, but also in working habits) was the most memorable accomplishment of that period (that also allowed TAFEP, in a more economist view, to have a better financial independence for future projects). We won our first prize in a Tuna Festival (Best Pandeireta) in Portucalense Tunas Festival and TAFEP was finally recognized as an institution that represents the university. This mark was consolidated when we were invited to perform during a visit of Portugal’s and Brazil’s Presidents in FEP.

Besides that, it was given to all TAFEP’s members the possibility to do their final exams in September, which was a sign of the recognition of the work developed.

Our greatest challenge was when some members, who founded TAFEP, had to leave. Fortunately, this problem was suppressed with the reaction of those members who stayed and with the entrance of the newest  members.

III Magister Tunae - Miguel

When TAFEP had finally accomplished a good, stable, renewed and moralized group, it came the time to increase the quality in order to differentiate TAFEP from other groups.

It was possible to achieve that thanks to the good batch of freshmen from the previous year that, with a solid and a “little bit” more developed musical knowledge than the others, allowed TAFEP to correct and improve its performances.

As a secret of mine, I always had the ambition to achieve the musical quality level of TUNA ACADÉMICA DO PORTO, but I have never confessed it!

Figures, like Eduardo, “The Annoying One”, were present in the first freshmen and Tunos’s baptism as well as in the first institution of the names that are given to the members of TAFEP, a tradition that still continues today! These names often origin some curious comments, like: “Patilhas? No, no one with that name is registered in this class!” or “Pepino? No Pepino works here!”. I still do not know the true name of some members.

On that year, with great confidence in ourselves and with “n+1” CDs in our baggage, we went on a tour throughout Europe, in TAFEP’s first Tour. Belfort, always a cheerful and full of colours city, was, again, a pretext for our adventure. Eleven days on a bus, which brought us to Lausanne, Osnabruck, Paris and Amsterdam, places that loved our enthusiasm and our abilities.

IV Magister Tunae - Mero

A year after the great Tour throughout Europe, TAFEP needed to be consciousness: many of its members would finish theirs courses on that year and, even though they said that they would not abandon TAFEP, it was crucial for us to get more people in order to assure TAFEP’s continuity. Keeping that in mind, we started a process of auditions, so that we could recruit those people who had the same values and spirit that guided TAFEP since its foundation.

The most important thing was trying to join to all of that, an innate virtuosity to all the new members. That was not possible. None of them were extremely virtuous. However, in my opinion, that fact was, is and will not be our primordial characteristic.

Obviously, what distingue TAFEP from the others, and certainly will distingue us for all eternity is the capacity of working hard in order to clean all the technical difficulties. With the introduction of a branch of new themes and with a good portion of dedication, we were able to have fun while performing, giving a good time to those who listened, admired and followed us. As a consequence, the best thing was the Academic’s recognition: we participated in our first FITA!

V Magister Tunae - Pepino

It was with great pleasure that, in 1997, I became in charge of TAFEP- this was my most memorable moment in my academic years.

In spite of the many difficulties that TAFEP was going through, since some important members were finishing theirs courses and leave, there were three main reasons that allowed TAFEP to be more mature:

  • The strategy adopted by the previous MT;
  • The magnificent group of members who had a great ambition;
  • The effort and the dedication from the newest members and from the freshmen.

With a repertoire completely different, a new goal was born: the recording of a second CD: “P’ra nunca esquecer”. Paris welcomed us in the best way possible and new interesting themes were addressed

TAFEP won, for the first time, in 1998, the best Tuna prize on a Festival held in Paredes (North of Portugal). With a tradeoff between rigor and fun, TAFEP became a strong cohesive group.

VI Magister Tunae - Patilhas Rezingão

It was in September 12th, 1998 when TAFEP made me in charge of its destiny. That contract had its end on July 15th, 1999. However, in a masochist attitude of TAFEP’s members, I was, again, chosen and continued to command this ship until April 15th, 2000.

I came from the Public Relationships Department when Pepe was in charge of TAFEP, and I have always struggled to maximize the administrative structure because I have always said that TAFEP is not only the music component. So, battle after battle, victory after victory, I became very satisfied with the heritage that I left after my second term, since TAFEP had finally had a totally structured and organized archive, especially the data base which included information about 230 Tunas from invitations to members.

As a consequence of that, another goal was already been delineating in my mind that was gaining real life: the name of TAFEP was gaining more and more expression.

However, the musical component is crucial, and during this period the ideology from the previous Magister continued to be developed: the bet of on the musical development allied to the enthusiasm provided by TAFEP.

Thanks to the hard work by every member, the path that was being built was dense and intensive (in my first term we had 40 performances and 30 in my second term). Personally, I will use this opportunity to highlight some activities that I consider to have a huge importance:

  • The release of the second CD, in a huge event, bigger than what we could imagine;
  • Tour to Bordéus and the honor of represent Oporto City Hall;
  • Performance at a prison establishment in Paços de Ferreira, where we realized the true value of liberty;
  • Performance at a program called “Praça da Alegria” broadcasted in RTP, without any kind of playbacks;
  • Performance at FIMU, which was the recognition of the effort developed and the opportunity to play new songs;
  • First Big Meeting TAFEP-TFEP where we recognized the importance of both TAFEP and TFEP in sharing the academic traditions;
  • TAFEP Tour USA, our first tour outside Europe;
  • Performance in Padrecos in 2000, another signal of our quality;
  • FITAs 2000, the best way to put an end to my path in charge of TAFEP;

I know that this text is big, but that is how I am when we talk about TAFEP.

Those ones that truly gave themselves to TAFEP know the eternal love to TAFEP and the eternal place that it occupies in our hearts. No one will ever be able to give to TAFEP a fraction of what it has gave to us!

Thanks, TAFEP.

By me, for all eternity,

Patilhas Rezingão.

VII Magister Tunae - Trina-Mix

Honorarium Members
3 tours, 1st Internacional Festival of Tunas
Performances with Sempre-Tunos

Período de magistério: 15 Abril 2000 a 11 Agosto 2001

2001 will probably be remembered due to the challenge for all of those who, till that year, had contributed for TAFEP’s existence.

The share of a musical path, as well as so many living experiences between 9 different generations from TAFEP, visible in the XVII Semana de Economia performance (I think), represented the culmination of the approximation to TAFEP’s past, to its roots, to its founding members.

I remember with particular joy the great response to this challenge, keeping and saving this moment as one of the most remarkable in my academic’s path. During that period, more than ever, I understood the meaning of the so much used expression “Tuna was made”.

In the end of a stressful year, marked with the return alongside the Portuguese Community in the USA, the euphoria of a small group engaged in making possible a third Tour that brought us to the Netherlands, to the Frist International Tunas Festival of Nijmegen, Netherlands, marking TAFEP’s debut on international festivals.

VIII Magister Tunae - Pitito

The year of 2001 will be particularly remembered by the challenge to those who, until that date, had contributed to TAFEP’s existence.

The share of a musical path, full of stories, between nine different generations, seen in the XVII Semana de Economia performance (I think!), represents to us the culminate of the approach to TAFEP’s past, from its roots to its impellers.

I remember with great pleasure my quick answer to this challenge, saving this moment as one of the most pleasant of my academic life. It was, in that period, more than ever, that I have truly comprehended the many used sentence “Tuna was made today”.

In the end of another tiring year, marked with the return with the Portuguese Community in the USA, the euphoria of little group aiming of materialize a 3rd Tour guided us to the Netherlands, to the I Festival Internacional de Tunas de Nijmegen, Netherlands, marking TAFEP’s debut in overseas festivals.

TAFEP is a sequence of an ideal built throughout a decade, full of stories, some of them described by my predecessors. Now, it is my turn to talk about the near past, but mainly about the present and the future.

Having said that, I am obligated to refer something that continues well present in our memories: the moments lived in Belfort from 1993 to 2002. This city, where all TAFEP’s members have already been and where they came “juicy” memories, has welcomed TAFEP in its festival five times since our foundation.

As for the present and the future, these will be marked by a musical evolution, based on a strong doctrine and tradition, as well as the reinforcement of a relationship full of joy and deeply related not only with our public but also with everyone who, throughout these years have contributed to what TAFEP is today.

Keeping in mind all of that, it was possible to us, in this short day that is TAFEP’s birth, to compromise with various projects.

One of the most successful project that we have accomplished was the 10th anniversary Dinner, that joined around the table, more than 80 people, 10 generations of TAFEP’s members, that could share past experiences, debating realities of the present as well as imaging future sceneries.

We have compromised ourselves to record a 3rd CD, whose release was predicted to be later that year, and to make today’s show- TAFEP: 10 years- where we want to share and thank our audience with our songs.

It is thanks to the presence of all those people who always loved and will continue to love TAFEP, that allowed them to have so many good moments, that all of the projects were accomplished.

Cheers to TAFEP.

A sincere greeting to it!


IX Magister Tunae - Experiências

In July, 2003, TAFEP made me in charge of its future, originating the start of   , however full of experiences, period.

TAFEP’s traditional agenda was fully accomplished and it gave start to new projects, despite the many difficulties that we were going through, since many members would finish theirs courses and due to the auditions’ little adhesion

Without forgetting many other memorable moments, I personally choose these one for what they represent:

– the inclusion of three new themes, two of them originals, in TAFEP’s repertoire;

– the 3rd participation in the great FITA (…), a festival that always leave great memories;

– Another presence in FITA, in its XIX edition, this time included in “Queima das Fitas do Porto”;

– The Paris-Barcelona Tour. “Notre Dame”, “St. Michell”, “Las Ramblas” and also “Maremagnum” loved our charming;

– The acquisition of a Juridical Personality;

– And, of course, the conclusion of our 3rd CD, a long and complex project.

The term had its end in March 21st, 2005, signing, as well, the end of the most memorable period of all my entire academic life.

I am proud to say that I was present and I helped to write more than half of TAFEP’s history, helping me growing up. The dedication required, the team work, the pursuit of goals, the tiring tours, the small and huge stages, the fun, the stories and the friends for a life time were crucial for me to be a more complete person and able to deal with any kind of challenge and problem eye-to-eye.

All of this make me believing that TAFEP is school of gentlemen.

Before ending this, I would like to thank all the founders and all the members of TAFEP, whose effort and passion allowed the continuation of the aggrandizement of TAFEP’s name.

I must not forget all the ones that were always with us and continue to believe in TAFEP.

I made my first audition in TAFEP in October, 1999, and he time to say goodbye is not in my horizon.


XII Magister Tunae - Tulipa

It was with some surprise, however with enormous proud, the time when I was elected TAFEP’s Magister Tunae on December, 2008.

Shortly after the magnificent spectacle on April that year, new challenges were ahead do TAFEP. One of those challenges had the name of one Italian city: the Bolonha Process  had shrunk, in 2008, the duration period of Bachelor’s Degree in Economics in FEP, from the previous four years to the currently three years (alongside other alterations that had negative impacts to extra-curricular activities), and obliged the newest generations from TAFEP to assume functions with more responsibility much earlier.

And it is precisely this one of the aspects which gave me more pleasure to live and to see in TAFEP:  ground rule, we enter as little kids, with little consciousness about what life really is, about what work with goals is, what dedication for a cause is, but suddenly we are thrown into the lions and, when the day of being with my top hat arrives, we are totally prepared to face any challenge with greater confidence than we would a couple of years before. This is one of life lessons that TAFEP is the best to give.

Besides that, a Tuno also faces any challenge with a smile on his face, since that is one of those things that TAFEP teaches. We might me tired, depressed, without sleeping well for some days; however, of you have an audience that shows up just to see you perform, on one thing you cannot miss: smile(!),  to transmit to the public the energy and joy characteristic of TAFEP. The spirit and the animation of our TAFEP (always knowing how to be!) are, to me, its greatest virtue and singularity and were the pillars that I tried to preserve throughout the years as Magister Tunae.

The good relationship between TAFEP and externals entities was other consequence of an open and friendly posture from TAFEP when contacting other groups. We always had in mind that posture, not only inside FEP (with the other groups, which I truly admire), but also open doors. And, it was open doors that surged one of the most unexpected- and pleasant- surprises from this period: the request from ATITUNA so that TAFEP could be its Godparent, that was concluded, after all the necessary processual courses, with the acceptance of this request with great responsibility from TAFEP. It was with great proud have the opportunity to follow the first steps of the relationship between TAFEP and ATITUNA, which I hope it last for many pleasant years!

In another context, I would like to highlight two essential aspects that sum up my experience in TAFEP:

  1. In TAFEP, true friendships are built, that do not disappear with time; they are always there, at least while exists the memory of that path (sometimes hard, but always worth of doing): the union sentiment, team spirit and friendship do not have any kind of price;
  2. TAFEP aims mainly the altruism between its members, a rarer quality in today’s society. TAFEP helps to realise that there are big causes which we must serve and must not use, that we must think firstly in the common good and then our own good.

Finally, I would like to highlight as well some unique moments experience as Magister Tunae (without not mention the social performances, festivals on the big stages of Porto, retirements, wonderful serenades,…):

  1. The release of the DVD “Economia em Festa” which is a reference to our XV anniversary, from its idealization to the spectacle production on FEP’s Salão Nobre, that symbolized the end of a wonderful chapter of TAFEP’s history;
  2. The Madrid-Paris-Amsterdam-Barcelona Tour (the requirements of the French politics so that TAFEP could divide itself in three groups, the fabulous dinner at “Girassol” in Amsterdam, the last memorable performance near Catalunha Square,…);
  • The stay in Genebra (the dinner at Casa de Famalicão, the bunker where we slept…) that preceded a marvellous weekend in Belfort, in VII FIMU (the Formule 1, the performances on the streets, the performance at Coreto,…)
  1. The Covilhã Festival, for all the help between TAFEP’s younger members and TAFEP’s “less younger members” that showed up in a high number, enabling the best weekend that I have at TAFEP;
  2. TAFEP’s debut in Poland, on a very intense week, where we represented our country and we were surprised with one invitation to sleep on Warsaw best hotel;
  3. The Arouca´s Festival (the one of the yellow passwords), where we did a little shifting to perform at forever-Tunos weeding’s in Guimarães and Barcelos, on an Olympic Saturday;
  • The Codfish, one fish-that was in fact a codfish- que followed us throughout some months before being buried in Santiago de Compostela, which deserved a special place.

It is with great joy that I look to the past, but it is with enormous certainty that I write that the bond between TAFEP and its members will (in some cases more, in others less) be eternal and  must be preserve for the current and upcoming generations, as well as for the generation that are no more active. We must not forget that TAFEP’s successes and failures will always be the successes and the failures of each of its members.

I take advantage of this moment to thank all of those who, before me, managed to enable TAFEP to be what it is today: an etiquette and musical group with ethnic and moral values, with a spirit of responsibility and taste to music and fun.

And I also thank all those people that have a sympathy towards TAFEP, because they are the cause of our activities, as well as, they are the source of our motivation to work harder and even better.



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